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Redefined with memes, SurveyMeme solves the age-old problems of all survey creators by offering:

  • A high response rate (improved data quality & quantity)
  • Added value for the respondents
  • Seamless UI that always gets the job done

Heyooo! How would you rate the vibes at our company?


Heyooo! How would you rate the vibes at our company?

  • 13× answered
  • 13× answered
Surveys and forms, redefined with memes

How likely are you to recommend Shiba Inu to your friend?

A very confident dog, their temperament is alert, loyal and lively and they tend to form strong
bonds with their owners. Is it your go-to doggo, though?
No way Totes

Trusted by the top dogs around, and beyond

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Nice try, Google Forms, SurveyMonkey and Typeform... but not everyone’s impressed

Drake yes meme

Other services

  • No added value for survey respondent
  • Overly complicated UI of simple surveys
  • Repeatedly low response rate
  • Messy with ~120 admin buttons for 15 use cases
  • An overwhelming ~250 templates
  • ~340 features to click through beyond the basics
Drake no meme


  • Fun memes & unique bonuses shown to respondent once survey’s filled out
  • The simplest and cleanest admin UI out there
  • Frequent 100% response rate
  • 9 admin buttons made for every use case
  • 0 templates — one size fits all
  • Core features only, and we make them count

Next-gen survey tool
for modern companies


Evidence proves memes drive higher data quality and response rate

This study by the International Journal of Market Research explored the influence of internet memes on survey respondents’ engagement.

Meme image

The conclusion? Memes provide respondents with a fun break and relief from the cognitive burdens of answering online survey questions.

Memes are a relatively inexpensive and easy way for survey creators to connect with respondents and show appreciation for their time and effort.

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Money can’t buy happiness, but...

...there are some costs when it comes to creating a digital space for it. Still, we’re not here to only help those with the big bucks, so we have some options.

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forever, no credit card required
  • 1 admin seat
  • 3 surveys/mo included
  • 30 responses/survey included
$25 /mo
billed monthly
  • Unlimited admin seats
  • Unlimited surveys
  • Unlimited responses
  • Unlimited historical data
  • Remove SurveyMeme branding
  • Rich reporting
  • Premium support

Get better data quality & quantity with SurveyMeme

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